Kaprex - Testimonial

"Kaprex was a great alternative to Naproxen Sodium and Ibuprofen for me. I was alternating taking the two NSAIDS for my lumbar spine issues and starting to have stomach issues from both. My chiropractor introduced me to Kaprex, which seems to have no side effects for me but which helps a lot with the inflammation."

- By Rosemary Ham (Tulsa, OK United States) June 4, 2012


"My first acquaintance with this product was when prescribed by an alternative-practicing MD who had treated my husband for chronic Lyme disease. Luckily his discomforts have subsided, but when I could no longer take ibuprofen due to a new onset of hypertension, I was really have a tough time with joint discomforts and morning stiffness. My particular problem is generalized joint inflammation (especially back area) as related to Sjogren's. We still had some Kaprex in the home and its effectiveness has been amazing! I have since then been ordering regularly and take 2x daily as suggested. As a nurse, I try to research all products thoroughly, and I am relieved that there are no reported interactions. My BP has returned to a normal range and there seems to be no issues with my current antihypertensive regimen. I strongly encourage anyone having joint stiffness or pain to give it a try!"

- By Mimi September 14, 2012


"My mother has trigger finger, and surgery was recommended to stop it. Our new doctor recommended and sold her this product. Within a week, the problem was resolved! When she was in a rehab facility for a broken arm, they wouldn't give it to her, and the problem came back. A week after returning home, she is knitting again. No other product has done this for her. She won't be without it now."

- By BookTootsie "Book Tootsie" (Redford, MI USA) January 5, 2013


"My wife is taking this on the recommendation of my colleague. We are pediatricians, but we're not philosphically opposed to trying something like Kaprex. My wife was having some joint pains, and as long as she takes this medication, she doesn't have the pain. So far, so good. Don't confuse the Kaprex with the Kaprex AI -- they're entirely different products."

- By RBG (Newtown, CT) November 10, 2012